Where can you see us

We look forward to seeing you at any of the events listed below, when we will happily discuss commissions, exclusive products or just spend some time catching up - its good to talk:

The Wytches Market:  4th April, Town Hall, Glastonbury,   CANCELLED DUE TO CORVID-19          

Scottish Pagan Con: 25th April, Edinburgh.  CANCELLED DUE TO CORVID-19                       

Hornby Castle Open Weekend: 25th 26th May Hornby Lancashire, CANCELLED DUE TO CORVID-19

The Wytches Market:  4th July, Town Hall, Glastonbury, CANCELLED DUE TO CORVID-19

Pagan Con: 18th July, Grasshopper Club, Preston,  CANCELLED DUE TO CORVID-19

Goddess Conference: 27th July to 2nd August, Glastonbury, CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19

Pagan Pride South 16th August, Southampton. CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19

Witchway Gathering:  12th September Tutbury Castle. ,  CANCELLED DUE TO COVID_19 

The Wytches Market:  26th Sept, Town Hall, Glastonbury,             https://www.facebook.com/WytchesMarket/

Pagan Craft Fayre: Stourbridge DTBC https://www.facebook.com/events/talbot-hotel/pagan-craft-fayre

Witchfest International Croydon: DTBC   CANCELLED DUE TO CORVID19

The Wytches Market:  12th December, Town Hall, Glastonbury,             https://www.facebook.com/WytchesMarket/